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What we believe


Nerevu Founder & President

Nerevu Group is rooted in openness and transparency. We release and contribute to open source software, support open data initiatives, and strive to demystify business analytics by creating elegant and intuitive solutions that help organizations identify, track, and visualize the key factors driving their growth.

At Nerevu, we offer a portfolio of products and services that help businesses increase conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and—ultimately—recurring revenue by providing a 360° view of how business activities impact the bottom line. By employing data science techniques and software craftsmanship principles, we usher organizations into the data-driven future.

We work together with our clients to give them insight into how business activities like social media posts, changes to their web site, or email campaigns effect the bottom line.

We accomplish this by identifying sales and marketing goals, inventorying business processes and systems, and monitoring the relevant performance indicators.

Marketing will get customers in the door, but we'll help you keep them.

Who we are



Founder and President

Reuben Cummings

Reuben is an MIT educated data guru who is obsessed with extracting meaningful information from diverse data sources. A Peoria native, open source contributor, and international speaker, Reuben helps organizations turn their business metrics into actionable insights.

Back-end Development & Data Analyst Intern

Aditya Sahay

A lifelong learner, this University at Buffalo Engineering Science Grad student comes to us with 5 years of experience in Full-Stack & Mobile Web Development and Highly-Available Systems. We're excited to leverage this expertise during his internship with us.

Back-end Development & Data Analyst Intern

Mitchell Sotto

Mitchell Sotto is a Brigham Young University Masters of Information Systems Management (MISM) student With 3 years of tech experience under his belt. He's excited to deepen his python skills and contribute to the awesome projects that await him during his internship with us.


Advisory Board


Kevin Evans

Kevin is Senior Economic Engagement Specialist for the City of Peoria, Illinois; and a VentureWell certified LeanLaunchPad Educator. Kevin also holds certifications from the Illinois Entrepreneurship Network and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity as a Business Development Advisor.


Andy Fograscher

Andy is President of Stellar Systems, and has over 30 years experience in computers and software development. He is knowledgeable in Database Design, SQL, and a variety of languages including Visual Basic and Visual C.


GLenn Ross

Glenn is a retired Caterpillar, Inc. Technology Manager with extensive experience in leadership, strategy, development, and project management. A dedicated volunteer, Glenn is a Destination Technology Program mentor, and serves as on the boards of Tri-County Peoria Urban League (Chairperson), Quest Charter Academy (Treasurer/CFO), and Peoria Promise.

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