What we do


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Consulting

Nerevu will help you select the most important metrics for your business, and develop a process to accurately measure and monitor them over time.

Dashboard design & implementation

From bespoke real time system integrations, to run-of-the-mill social media followers graphs, our talented team can whip up the perfect dashboard or visualization to bring you data to life.



Predictive analytics & alert systems

By identifying behaviors associated with dissatisfaction, we can give your business the opportunity to intervene before losing customers to a competitor. And through our flexible alerting system, you will instantly know if your latest blog post just went viral, or if that late night website change introduced a devastating performance bug.

Open Data Portal Consulting & Development

Nerevu specialists will help you install, setup, customize, or host CKAN based data portals.


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Web Application Development (Prototypes / mvps)

Nerevu full-stack developers will deliver mobile responsive, database driven, Mithril.js single page applications (SPA) powered by Flask microservices / RESTful application programming interfaces (API).